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Advancing the Field
Photo Credit: UCLA
Clearing the Path to Increase Energy Efficiency of Electronics

UCLA scientists and engineers developed a new process for assembling semiconductor devices. The advance could lead to more energy-efficient transistors semiconductor-based devices.

Championing for Social Justice
Photo Credit: Mar Karlsson/Heismyndir
Hot weather lowers students’ ability to learn

Climate affects educational performance and low-income & minority students are disproportionately disadvantaged because their classrooms often lack air conditioning.

Brainy Awardee
Photo Credit: Todd Cheney/UCLA
Sarah T. Roberts Named 2018 Carnegie Fellow

She uses a human-centered social science approach to uncover the way content on digital platforms are managed technologically, by decision-making and by policy. 

Brainy Awardee
Photo Credit: Dean Ishida
Weizhe Hong Named 2018 Packard Fellow

The Hong Lab examines fundamental questions about how neural networks control social behaviors and the role of disturbances in disorders such as autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.

Charting New Territory
Photo Credit: UCLA Broadcast Studio
Humanity’s first visit to the sun with UCLA space physicist Marco Velli

Sixty years in the making, this expedition will probe the sun’s outer atmosphere (aka corona) to collect data to understand how the corona is heated to 3.6M degrees. This expedition scheduled to launch between August 11 and August 23 depending on weather.

Recommending Change
Photo Credit: Million Dollar Hoods
UCLA report on school police underscores the need to reform school safety

A new report from UCLA’s Million Dollar Hoods—a project run by UCLA’s Bunche Center for African American Studies—argues instead of relying on school police, schools should increase counselors and community based resources to improve learning and safety.

Predicting & Preparing
Photo Credit: Timothy Archibald/UCLA Magazine
Simulations and data help California better prepare for future earthquakes

UCLA researchers examine how water systems, buildings, and urban infrastructure will fare when faced with disaster. In doing so, they are offering a new approach to studying earthquakes to avoid disastrous impacts.

Finding a Needle
Photo Credit: Nature Chemistry
Preliminary tests of existing drugs identified one with promising results for Alzheimer's disease 

By testing approved drugs, UCLA researchers identified one that prevents the spread of brain cell death that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. (Photo Credit: Nature Chemistry)

Solving for X
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Prof. Stigler Uncovers Why U.S. Students Aren’t Learning Math

Research explains how U.S. classrooms’ reliance on procedures and memorization undermine students’ deeper understanding of the material.

UCLA neuropathologist awarded a five-year $2.5 million Ben Barres Early Career Award
Photo Credit: Reed Hutchinson/UCLA
Professor Jane Chang awarded the 2018 Plasma Prize
Photo Credit: UCLA