About UCLA Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship

Welcome to this page which houses materials related to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research entrepreneurship initiative.

BruinPosts, Remarks and Selected Articles Related to the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem at UCLA (selected period from 2011 through 2014):

UCLA Newsroom article about Westwood Technology Transfer (10/13/2014)

Daily Bruin article about Westwood Technology Transfer (10/2/2014)

Los Angeles Times article about Westwood Technology Transfer (09/24/2014)

Wall Street Journal article about Westwood Technology Transfer (09/24/2014)

Daily Bruin article about Bruincubate (4/4/2014)

Vice Chancellor Economou Announces Appointment of the Nomination Committee and Calls for Nominations for Board members (3/12/2014)

Vice Chancellor Economou Announces the Publication of a draft Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs III (3/5/2014)

Vice Chancellor Economou Calls for Nominations for Three Groups Associated with New Governance Structure for OIP-ISR

Vice Chancellor Economou Provides Update on New Governance Structure for OIP-ISR (10/2013)

Vice Chancellor Economou Shares Update about UCLA Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with Campus (7/16/2013)

Remarks to Academic Sentate (2013-06-06)

Vice Chancellor Economou delivers Remarks to UC Regents in Support of Establishing an Independent Technology Transfer Board of Directors (5/15/2013)

Vice Chancellor Economou Announces Appointment of New Associate Vice Chancellor for Research & Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Brendan Rauw (3/1/2012)

Vice Chancellor Economou Delivers Remarks to The UC Regents Regarding Entrepreneurship (1/19/2012)

Publication of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Part II (10/6/2011)

Publication of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Part I (aka Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs) (3/10/2011)


Ecosystem Reports

In late 2010, Vice Chancellor Economou enlisted Professor William Ouchi to conduct a study of entrepreneurship at UCLA and at other universities.  Two reports have been published to date:

Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship (referred to as "Ecosystem I") - published March 10, 2011

UCLA Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship Part II: Transition to a new technology transfer process (referred to as "Ecosystem II") - published October 6, 2011

UCLA Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs, Part III:  "A Strategic Blueprint for Entrepreneurship at UCLA" (referred to as "Ecosystem III") - published March 5, 2014


Technology Development Group (formerly known as OIP-ISR) (link to website external to OVCR site)

TDG is delegated responsibility for the following campus functions:

    • Management of invention disclosures from all parts of campus
    • Protection of intellectual property through patenting and copyrighting
    • Licensing and optioning UCLA intellectual property to existing or startup companies
    • Contracting with industry for sponsored research
    • Contracting for incoming and outgoing research materials under Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
    • Contracting for non-research activities (such as fellowships and fellowship programs, seminars and other programming, etc.) and unfunded contracts (such as non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements).


Bruincubate (link to website external to OVCR site)

This website was established to serve as a resource for individuals or groups looking to connect to the entrepreneurial community at UCLA.