Diversity Research

Overview of Diversity Research Initiative

The OVCR has an interest in fostering Diversity Research. In collaboration with the Office of Office of Diversity and Faculty Development, the office has initiated the following programs:

  1. Research Initiative for Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Funding Mechanism - see below
  2. Monthly Diversity Funding Opportunities Newsletter circulating related funding opportunities and activities - SUBSCRIBE
  3. Diversity and Cultural Awareness funding tracks with in the Transdisciplinary Seed Grant Program.

Research Initiative for Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Funding Mechanism

RIDE is a new funding mechanism that has been established to advance research that addresses systemic inequities and barriers due to race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability status, that prevent UCLA from benefiting fully from the rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives of its campus community.

  1. Read what's involved in the Call for Proposals
  2. Apply online. https://app.wizehive.com/appform/login/uclaride (NOTE: THERE IS NO CURRENT OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS.)